I believe that art is a continuous learning that doesn’t have limits. Every artist always finds something new to learn

This is what Fouz Saif said

Always look to follow your dreams and overcome all obstacles

Fouz Saif, Artist

Who Am I ?

Fouz Saif
Fouz Saif is a reputable Visual Artist recognised for consistently developing innovative techniques to encourage creativity and visual product improvement. She is experienced in a...

What Make Us Spcecial?


Who we are

Art Academy is a young and innovative art school, offering courses that are designed and delivered by expert, practicing artists.
We were founded in 2020 to offer something different: the best of an old-school atelier combined with the vibrancy and diversity of a contemporary art school. This still differentiates us today.

Who we do

As art educators, we’re passionate about championing art for all, and we think this inclusive approach creates a very special environment. We offer art courses for all levels of skill and need.
Our students are diverse but united by a shared ethos. We don’t define our students: we give them the skills to define themselves. 

How it work

What also sets us apart from other art schools is our intensive and hands-on teaching approach.

We keep our class sizes small, so our tutors can provide tailored tuition and ensure that everyone is nurtured and challenged to become the best artist they can be.

Our Mission

To enable people to realize their creative potential by developing their artistic skills and insights.​

Our Principles

We’re a vibrant, artistic community

our community goes beyond our students and tutors, to encompass local artists and the institutions we work with. We subsidize on-site studios, host regular exhibitions, and run outreach programs for people of all ages and backgrounds, creating a richly diverse and stimulating backdrop for study and self-expression. 

We believe in the value of art education

we believe art education has the power to be transformative because we all benefit from the unlocking of individual creative potential: it impacts positively on personal wellbeing, societal development, and economic health. 

We champion art for all

we believe everyone should have access to high-quality art education, so we provide a range of courses to suit all levels of skill and commitment. 

We’re an artist-led institution

we provide courses designed and delivered by expert, practicing artists, for the artists of the future. 

A Great Place to Grow

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